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The Guardian's Top 10 Country Albums of 2014

The Guardian announced their list of the top 10 country albums of 2014 and we are excited to share that Daylight & Dark made the cut! Here's what they had to say about the album...

"A tried-and-true country record for fans of traditional country music, Jason Eady’s Daylight & Dark features some of the cleanest and most engaging country production - not overly polished or filled with AutoTune effects - of any album in recent memory. This whole collection, rife with simple fiddle and pedal steel productions, just sounds great. Eady has a fittingly undecorated lyrical style as well, delivering lines like “I’ll be hurtin’ when I wake up on the floor/but I’ll be over it by noon” from standout song 'Whiskey & You' with the gruff attitude of a coal miner. Eady’s music is lean and straightforward, and whereas some artists may prefer more experimentation, Eady excels with these humbly constructed compositions, which would make a perfect soundtrack for the sad patron trying to take the edge off at a local bar."

...and here's the entire list (in no particular order):

Jason Eady - Daylight & Dark
Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
Dierks Bentley - Riser
Tami Neilson - Dynamite
Sundy Best - Bring Up the Sun
Shovels & Rope - Swimmin' Time
Miranda Lambert - Platinum
Robert Ellis - The Lights from the Chemical Plant
Nickel Creek - A Dotted Line
Nikki Lane - All or Nothin'

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Americana Music Association's Top 100 Albums of 2014

Daylight & Dark made the Americana Music Association's Top 100 Albums of 2014 ranking #25 overall! See the full list HERE.'s Loves of 2014

All Music editor Thom Jurek selected Daylight & Dark as #5 in his Top 20 Loves of 2014 list which you can find below. When the album was first released, Thom posted a great review on which you can read HERE. Thank you for all of your support, Thom!

All Music's Thom Jurek's Top 20 Loves 2014
Calle 13 - MultiViral
Romeo Santos - Formula, Vol. 2
Juan Luis Guerra - Todo Tiene Su Hora
Ibibio Sound Machine - Ibibio Sound Machine
Jason Eady - Daylight & Dark
Dianne Reeves - Beautiful Life
Moreno Veloso - Coisa Boa
Flying Lotus - You're Dead!
Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
Neneh Cherry - Blank Project
Ray Bonneville - Easy Gone
Mary Gauthier - Trouble & Love
La Santa Cecilia - Someday New
Ambrose Akinmusire - The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier to Paint
Otis Brown III - The Thought of You
Juanes - Loco de Amor
Nicola Conte - Free Souls
Norma Winstone/Klaus Gesing/Glauco Venier - Dance Without Answer
Opeth - Pale Communion
Ana Tijoux - Vengo

No Depression's Top 50 Albums of 2014

No Depression’s poll results are in for The Top 50 Albums of 2014 and Daylight & Dark made the cut coming in at #34. Check out the full list HERE!

All Music's Daylight & Dark Review by Thom Jurek

Singer/songwriter Jason Eady's earlier recordings walked the Americana line closely, but it wasn't until he teamed with producer Kevin Welch for 2012's AM Country Heaven that his music took shape and embraced traditional country. Daylight & Dark is a conceptual follow-up to that fine album, and like its predecessor, it remains rooted in honky tonk, country gospel, hillbilly blues, and outlaw country, performed without artifice or nostalgia. While the sound is modern, it's worlds away from the slickly produced, mixed-genre mess that is contemporary country. Eady and his acoustic guitar are backed by Fats Kaplin's whining pedal steel, Richard Bennett's biting Telecaster, John Gardner's uncluttered drumming, Steve Mackey's electric bass, and backing vocalists where necessary.

Daylight & Dark details the life of a man torn by his choices and addictions in the first person. It seems that no matter how well-intentioned he is when he wakes, by nightfall, he becomes prey to his self-destructive behavior. A vicious cycle driven by alcoholism and poisoned love are at the core of his difficulties. Eady's earthy, expertly crafted songs detail the causes, consequences, and the humble beginnings of a change in his protagonist's life. He is a hell of a singer: tenderness, grit, passion, and pain are woven inseparably in the grain of his voice.

Opener 'OK Whiskey' is full of bravado; it's a hard-swinging honky tonk anthem. 'The Other Side of Abilene' is a one-two shuffle that reveals a lonely yet unapologetic life even as ghosts present and past have to be drunk away. 'One Two...Many' is a hardcore barroom ballad worthy of George Jones. The title track follows suit, but it's clear that the bottom is falling out. The compassion for his character is displayed not only in Eady's singing but in the arrangement of strummed acoustic and fingerpicked electric guitars, gently tapped snare, and Courtney Patton's gorgeous backing vocal that adds depth and dimension. The wrenching, hunted, 'Whiskey and You' articulates self-awareness as it equates the twin addictions in this man's life, but also his powerlessness to change. Fueled by Kaplin and Bennett, 'Late Night Diner' is a devastating ballad in country music's grand confessional tradition.

Eady's protagonist surrenders, becomes accountable, and admits defeat; he's not chasing anything anymore, he accepts his pain, and sees himself as he is -- which is what makes real change possible. Set-closer 'A Memory Now' is a jaunty two-step that celebrates life in the moment and his lovelorn past with humor in the rearview mirror. While Daylight & Dark is technically a concept album it's more representatively a songwriter's record, telling stories of people we not only know, but perhaps have been. In terms of quality, it belongs on a shelf next to Dwight Yoakam's Buenos Noches from a Lonely Room, Joe Ely's Letter to Laredo, and yes, even Willie Nelson's Phases and Stages.

New York Times: Tunes for the New Year From the Home Team

THE STORY This Fort Worth-based singer-songwriter’s last record, AM Country Heaven, wound up cracking Billboard’s Top 40 country chart in 2012 despite a title track that sharply criticized modern country music. His new set hopes to build on that momentum with a cycle of tightly wound narratives enhanced by healthy helpings of pedal steel and fiddle.

START HERE 'Lonesome Down and Out' is a lushly orchestrated and easy-to-sing-along-to meditation on guilt, shame and the great pains we take to mask our emotions.

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